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To learn how Sole works and how to best begin using it, make sure you read all articles below. You will be a Sole expert in less than 10 minutes.

Managing relationships with your clients and suppliers is integral to maintaining a happy and healthy business environment. Companies who are able to build mutually beneficial relationships with their stakeholders are able to succeed in competitive cycles through trust and honestly.

Sole's Contact module allows a business to record unlimited contacts for business record keeping purposes. Sole distinguishes contacts between 'Clients' (contacts who buy things from you) and 'Suppliers' (contacts you buy things from). You are able to add a new client or supplier from Sole's contact screen, where you will be able to record the contacts:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Contact address
  • Website
  • ABN; and
  • Business Name.

In fact, Sole even lets users upload Contact details directly from your Phone's address book for extra efficiency.

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