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How to invoice

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How to invoice using nothing more than your phone

You have the ability to seamlessly send unlimited professional invoices on the go.

How to video:

Step by step walkthrough:

  1. Either navigate to the "Business" tab at the bottom of the screen or click on the "Invoices" link on the Dashboard
  2. If you have clicked on the "Business" tab, navigate to the "Invoices" button in the upper-right corner
  3. Click the plus (+) icon to generate a new invoice
  4. Add the name of the person you're invoicing to the client name field or create a new client (note Sole will bring up suggested clients as you start typing)
  5. Input payment terms, due date and invoice description
  6. Add as many items as required, by inputting the item descriptions, prices, quantity and disc (%) if applicable
  7. Select whether this invoice includes GST
  8. Tap "Save Draft" to save it for later, or tap "Send & Save" to send it right away.

Sole will ask you to provide an email address for a client if no email address has been specified.

On the Invoices tab, tap the drop-down menu to filter invoices by All, Due, Overdue, Draft and Paid. Unpaid invoices (i.e. Due and Overdue) will give you the option to resend (save & send) or mark it as paid.

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