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How to mark an invoice or expense as 'paid by cash'

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Manage your cash based transactions easily

In Sole, revenue and expenses are generally processed using transaction matching in the Bank Feed. However, your business may receive cash for services performed, or may pay for expenses using cash on hand. In these instances, it is important to record cash payments for invoices and expenses.

How to video:


When you have created your invoice, navigate to the Business view within Sole to see all open invoices awaiting payment

Find the invoice:

Find the invoice you would like to mark as paid by cash. In this instance, we would like to mark INV-20 for $192.50 as paid by cash.

find invoice

Slide the invoice to the left:

By sliding the chosen invoice to the left, you will be presented with more options. Select More to be provided with an additional drop-down menu.

save more

Select 'Paid by Cash'

By selecting 'Paid by Cash', your invoice will be moved from 'due' to 'paid'.


Find your paid invoice:

Your invoice can now be found within the 'Paid' view within the invoices screen.


If you no longer require an invoice, you can remove it from Sole and it will no longer be recorded.


When you have creating your expense within the Expenses view of Sole, you will have the option to mark the transaction as 'Paid with cash?' upon creation.


When you mark an invoice or expense as "Paid by Cash", Sole will recognise it on the Dashboard

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