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How to use the Dashboard

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An overview of the Dashboard and its features


The dashboard is your new business home page. At a glance, the dashboard allows you to get quick insights into your business performance, and provides functionality to drive deeper into elements that underpin your success.

Your Balance

This section highlights your linked bank account balance. This the bank account balance from your linked banking provider. Selecting 'View Bank Feed' provides a short cut to your connected bank transactions where you can reconcile and match transactions from your bank account to your Sole records.

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Here, you can find a high level view of your business' due, overdue and draft invoices. This is the overview of your revenue and where you can quickly identify overdue invoices that you can chase up from your customers. 

Simply tap on each of the dollar values and Sole will take you to a detailed breakdown of your business revenue.

This section indicates the total dollar value of invoices that are:

  • Due - invoices that you are expecting to be paid
  • Overdue - invoices that have not been paid within your agreed terms and need following up
  • Draft - invoices that you have not actioned, but are ready to go
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Quick Action Tiles

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The three tiles presented in the dashboard allow you to quickly perform some of your most common business management actions, including:

1. Creating a new invoice;

2. Creating an expense or an asset; and

3. Creating a new client.


The cashflow graph indicates the cash received (or cash inflows) and the cash paid (or cash outflows). Think of it as a water tank: water comes in at the top and drains out the bottom. So to keep your tank nice and full: you want more coming in than going out.

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Sole Snapshot

The Snapshot graph allows you to set your financial goal and it outlines your performance against this goal. It helps keep you on track!

Your performance in the graph updates as you match transactions in your bank account. For more information, click here.

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Your tax estimate

The tax estimator tile provides the outcome of your annual tax estimation based on Sole's calculations. Here, you can see your estimated tax payment at a glance, or can easily navigate to the tax view, where you can see a summary of tax calculations by financial year.

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Instant Pay Integration

Using the Instant Pay tile, you can quickly navigate to Sole's Instant Pay integration page. To find out more about Instant Pay, check out our help guide.

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