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How do you get paid instantly and how does Instant Pay integrate with your Sole account?


What is Instant Pay?

Instant Pay is Australia’s fastest and best priced way to receive real time and instant payments from your clients. Instant Pay uses the New Payments Platform (NPP) and their API banking services, to provide you an easy, secure and fast way to get paid.

Why would I want to integrate with Instant Pay?

With Sole, you have the option to integrate Instant Pay with your account. Rather than the normal invoice process (i.e. providing your BSB and Account Number), your customers can pay you on the spot using their mobile phone via a text message or link facilitating a faster payment process. When your customer pays you, Instant Pay will notify you immediately of the received payment, and will provide you with funds daily. 

Sole will also automatically reconcile this transaction, meaning you are ready for tax time without lifting a finger. By using Instant Pay, you can get paid as soon as you send the invoice to your client. This means you never have to chase overdue invoices again!

How much does Instant Pay cost?

Instant Pay is a business merchant service. For Sole customers, we have negotiated a special rate of $1.50 per transaction, regardless of total transaction amount. Sole does not take any commission for any payment method within our app.

Is Instant Pay safe?

All sensitive information (such as bank account numbers) are encrypted to ensure the highest level of security. When you send money to a merchant, rest assured the money is going to the right place.

How do you integrate Instant Pay into your Sole account?

  • Create an Instant Pay account and link to your Sole account via the dashboard or when creating a new invoice

Dashboard view:

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Invoice view:

  • Make a sale and create an invoice in Sole (choose to use Instant Pay)
  • Sole will generate an invoice (for tax purposes), but your client will be able to easily pay your invoice (you get a confirmation of payment instantly and the money at the end of the day into your account) 
  • Sole then reconciles this invoice to your bank transaction automatically, so you are ready for tax time without lifting a finger.

Need to unlink your Instant Pay account? Contact us at

Where can you find out more?

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