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Scheduled or repeating invoices

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Save time sending invoices: schedule a future invoice or set up an automated repeating invoice

What are scheduled and repeating invoices?

You can send an invoice at a future date and create a repeating invoice. 

  • Scheduled invoices: You can schedule all your required invoices for the week to save you time.
  • Repeating invoices: Sole will automatically send or save to draft (so you can amend and send) invoices. This is helpful when you have different milestone payments or want to send multiple invoices throughout a specific job.

Note: Your customer will receive an email with an attachment of a professional invoice, exactly the same as all other invoices in Sole. 

In app options:

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How do I create a scheduled / repeating invoice?

  1. When you create a new invoice for work delivered to your customers, you will be presented with the option to enable a ‘Schedule / Repeating Invoice’. Select the slider to ‘on’ to allow this functionality.
  2. You then have two options available to control how Sole sends your future invoices:
    - Save invoices as a draft on each occurrence and alert me: This function allows you to create future dated invoices as a draft. Using this option, you are able to review draft invoices in Sole prior to sending them to your customers in the future.
    - Send automatically to the client on each occurrence: Using this function, Sole will automatically communicate future invoices to your client, taking all the hassle out of the process. 
  3. ‘Select Frequency’ allows you to choose how often you would like to send future invoices. This allows you to enable a ‘once off’ future invoice, or select an on-going invoice schedule of your preference based on standard time periods (weekly, monthly, annual etc.)
  4. Then, select how many occurrences you would like Sole to create future invoices. This number will be based on the frequency selected above. For example, if you have selected a monthly frequency, an occurrence of ‘6’ will tell Sole to send monthly invoices for the next six months.
  5. Finally, select your ‘Start Date’. This is the date on which the first occurrence of the invoice will be sent to your customers. 

After that, sit back and let Sole do all the work. Job done!

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