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Welcome to Sole Command Centre

Sole Accountant and Bookkeeper Partner Program

Are you a qualified accountant or bookkeeper?

Sole Command Centre is a simplified accountant and bookkeeper management portal to help you work faster and make managing your client's affairs that little easier.
Sole clients are able to search for accountants and bookkeepers via the app, where you are able to classify your industry experience, set up a professional profile and identify your serviceable geographic areas (even if remote working is available).

We are in the process of upgrading the Sole Command Centre to give you the ability to:
  • Manage your clients and staff, with state of the art reporting, tools and functionality
  • Communicate and collaborate with your clients seamlessly and easily 
  • Continue to grow your business, receive relevant leads and receive a referral fee 
  • Examine key snapshots and insights into our client's books to add more value when promoting your services
  • Manage your calendar and client management activities all in one platform 

We have also developed a listing website for accountants, bookkeepers and accounting firms, where you can create a listing, allowing you to showcase your skills, allow potential customers to call or email you directly or book a session with you online.

This is set up for all Australian locations and is available for free. You can create your listing via this link.

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