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GoCardless and Sole

Published On
11 February 2023
Getting paid

You send the invoice. GoCardless makes sure it doesn’t get paid late.

70,000+ businesses around the world use GoCardless to power their payments collection. With GoCardless you can collect invoice payments on the due date automatically via Direct Debit. Or use Instant Bank Pay to collect instantly authorised, one-off payments for anything.

Benefits of GoCardless

  • Get paid on time; stress less – As soon as your invoice is due, GoCardless automatically collects payment, so you don’t need to chase. 78% of businesses using GoCardless say it has reduced stress linked to payments.
  • Remove admin – Payments are automatically collected and reconciled, so you can spend that valuable time elsewhere. Spend 90% less hours on managing payments, with GoCardless.
  • Popular with customers – Businesses prefer to pay invoices via their bank account as it’s easy, hassle-free, and secure. 78% of businesses around the globe prefer account-to-account payment methods.

How GoCardless Works

Using GoCardless to collect membership fees via Direct Debit is easy:

  1. One-time customer setup – Your customer enters their payment details securely online, authorising you to collect payments from their bank account via Direct Debit.
  2. Invoice like normal – Once the one-time customer setup is complete, invoice your customer as you normally would through Sole.
  3. Payment collected automatically – On the invoice due date, payment is collected automatically, and reconciled.

You can also collect instantly-authorised, one-off payments with Instant Bank Pay:

  1. Send a payment request – Add Instant Bank Pay to your website, or send your customer a link requesting payment.
  2. Your customer approves – They’re seamlessly connected to their online banking or mobile banking app, where they can approve the payment in a few taps or clicks.
  3. Payment complete – Confirmation is instant. Unlike Direct Debit, you won’t have to wait.


  • Integrates seamlessly with Sole
  • Recurring payments – Automatically collect payments on time, directly from your customers’ bank accounts, with Direct Debit.
  • Instant, one-off payments – Collect one-off payments instantly with Instant Bank Pay. Connect to your checkout, or send your customer a link, and they get seamlessly sent to their online banking or mobile banking app. All they need to do is click to approve.
  • International payments – Collect payments from international customers and get paid out into your domestic bank account, with FX handled for you at the real market rate.
  • Intelligently retry failed payments – Predict and manage payment failures automatically. Recover, on average, 70% of failed payments.
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Real-time reporting
  • Compliance obligations covered


Domestic payments collected with GoCardless cost just 1% + 20p, capped at £4. For both Direct Debit and Instant Bank Pay.

An additional fee of 0.3% applies to Direct Debit payments above £2,000, only on the portion of the transaction above the £2,000 threshold.

For full and up to date information, visit GoCardless’s pricing page.

How to get started with GoCardless

  1. Sign up here to create your free GoCardless account in minutes.
  2. During the setup process, choose to connect GoCardless to Sole app name account.
  3. Complete GoCardless’s verification process.

Then you’re ready to set up payments.

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