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Delete account and data

How to Delete Your Account and Personal Data

Sole takes the custody and protection of your personal data seriously. Your data is your asset, and yours to control while you maintain a Sole account. We aim to be open, honest and transparent about using your data, and we require your personal data to deliver and improve our services to you by enabling connections to empower productivity and growth. We secure all the personal data entrusted to us and we accept the responsibility that comes with processing personal data.

Sole’s privacy policy can be found here: Privacy Policy – Sole App – Sole Trader Accounting App

How to delete your account and all data

In Sole, you have complete control to delete your account and all associated data. You can delete your account and all data by performing the following steps:

When you delete your account, Sole will delete all associated data instantly. There is no need to request additional data deletion.

:computer: Instructions – Web App

  • Navigate to the Settings module, select your Profile page.
  • From here, select ‘Delete Account
  • Select ‘Yes’ to permanently delete your account and all associated data:
image 1

:mobile_phone: Instructions – Phone App

  • Navigate to the Settings module.
  • From here, select ‘Delete Account
  • Select ‘Delete Account’ to permanently delete your account and all associated data:

Unless your account has been deleted, we aim to retain your personal data to support your business record keeping requirements for as long as we have an association with you and for a period of time afterwards where we have an ongoing business need to retain it (for example, to provide you with a service you’ve requested or to comply with applicable legal, tax or accounting requirements).

In the event of any difficulties following the above process, you can also submit a “delete account” request as well to Please include your account email address of the account you would like to have deleted from our system.