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How To Increase Productivity When Working From Home

Published On
27 July 2020
Business tips & insights

Working from home – a blessing or a curse? For the chronic procrastinators among us, the idea of working from home and setting your own schedule is enough to set the skin crawling and the distractions cheering. Whether you’re a sole trader, freelancer, self-employed or simply are working from home in the current climate, these tips are for you.

Partial to the odd procrastination, we admit important deadlines have been pushed aside for more pressing tasks such as eating the entire contents of the pantry, having a ‘power-hour’ of Instagram catch-up, or taking a nap from which there is no return. To help combat, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips to help you stay focused when working from home.


As tempting as it is, working from your laptop in the comfort of your bed isn’t a long-term reality. Separate your workspace and set a space in your home that is dedicated purely for working and isn’t associated with leisure time. Even if it’s just a small corner desk, the separation between work and play will work wonders on your productivity. Try to make your new space aesthetically pleasing, add a plant, keep it clean. You’ve got this. 


Wake up, take a shower, get dressed, and go get a coffee. Get ready for the day as if you were going into the office – kickstart your body into thinking it’s work time, not sleep time. This routine and mental association sets you up for a day of productivity, rather than slouching around in your pyjamas. No shame, we’ve all been there – but now is the time to change habits.


Plan ahead, work out what times you work best. Some of us work best in short bursts with little breaks every hour, others hit the zone after three hours of headphone time and zero distractions. Whatever your approach, maximise on it and set your to-do list and daily schedule around your own working style.

Grinding out work all day and all night isn’t healthy and can be counter-intuitive, so make sure in your schedule there’s time to step away from the screen and refresh your mind. Know when to stop.


A quick Instagram check or texting exchange can pull you from the zone, and into a distraction frenzy. If you can, try putting your phone in a drawer for an hour or two, reduce the distractions – out of sight, out of mind. You’ll be surprised out how much you actually get done.


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