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Sole’s feature roadmap

Delivering an evolving product

Our current focus and future considerations based on your feedback

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Accountants & Bookkeepers

Manage Accountants and Bookkeepers

Accountant and Bookkeeper Listing

Optional Account Sharing

Accountant and Bookkeeper Portal

Bank Feed

Re-authenticate failed connections

Bank Feed Enhanced Auto-Match

Business Management

Reporting Suite 1.0

Reporting Suite 2.0

GST Global Setting

Transition from Xero to Sole

Transition Sole to Xero

Products and Service Listing

Business Scheduling

Mileage kilometre Tracking

Timesheet Tracking


Scheduled Invoices and Reminders

Recurring Invoices

BCC Invoice Emails

Editable Invoice Numbers

Notifications for upcoming / overdue invoices


Go-Cardless Direct Debit Integration

Online Payment Integration

Release notes

  • Launched an integrated Sole referral program to enable user’s to refer their friends to Sole for a subscription benefit for both parties.
  • Enabled user logo improvements, including better controlled cropping, and consistent presentation throughout mobile and web.
  • Released capital/equity matching accounts, to enable users to match owner contributions and dividends in the bank feed.
  • Improved user automated email journey to provide clearer access to guidance, support and tips throughout the journey.
  • Delivered invoice and quote template customisability, including:
    • Selection of optional invoice fields (customer/user names, business names, address, ABN, etc.); and
    • Inclusion of optional Sole user business contact information and links such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Brand colour customisation: Allowing users to select their primary and secondary colours to update document formatting.
  • Bank Feed Match Retention: Providing an option for users to disconnect and reconnect their bank feeds while retaining previously matched transactions for accounting purposes.
  • Go-live of Sole education courses website (
  • Released automated and manual Invoice & Quote reminders to customers before and after due dates expiry.
  • Fixed bug to allow undo on ‘paid by cash’ invoices
  • Added ability to account for internal transfers between Sole user bank accounts.
  • Moved all new subscriptions to Sole’s web app platform.
  • Corrected ordering of partner/affiliate benefits in app.
  • Delivered ‘editable invoice and quote reference numbers’ preferences on web application.
  • Released invoice and quote ‘sent status’ on web application.
  • Delivered new subscription and payment management portal on Web Application.
  • Changed format inconsistency in reports on Android App.
  • Updated Web App links and performance based on analytical reporting
  • Corrected invoice preview screen on Web Application.
  • Fixed ‘supplier’ input bug on Web Application.
  • Minor wording updates on web application.
  • Enhancements to SMS tool supporting automated texts.
  • Fixed unsubscribe link not loading correctly.
  • Preparation update for End of Financial Year and FY24 reporting / tax.
  • PDF Invoices and Quotes automatically attached to customer emails.
  • Launched ‘Sole Support Hub‘ through Atlassian Service Management.
  • Subscription and coupon code updates.