Time tracking

When you are a freelancer, time is money.

You happily agree to a job thinking it will only take max one day. 11 sleepless nights, 67 coffees and 32 meltdowns later, you realise the job you charged only eight hours for, has actually taken you the better half of two weeks. Short answer? Yes, you need to be tracking your time.

By tracking your time, you’ll be able to know on average how long each project takes, how to budget your time, what to be quoting clients (with actual data backing your rates), and your cost/hours worked to make sure you really are making a profit. It’s what all the grown-up kids are doing these days.

It’s a pain, we get it… but trust us when we say it soon becomes a habit and definitely pays off in the long run. To kick-start some new habits, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite time-tracking apps to help you get started.


A personal favourite in the office, Clockify is a free time tracking app that lets you track your billable hours and hourly rates. With a plugin added to your browser, you can start and stop the timer as you work, or enter the hours manually. The program also does timesheets and reports so you can see exactly how many hours you spend on work, what takes most of your time and where all the time goes. Magic.


Harvest is another top-rated free time tracking program, letting you track time based on to-do lists, tasks or single hours – whatever works best for you. You can install the app on your phone and on your desktop, so you’ll be working both online and offline. 


Designed for busy freelancers who toggle between tasks and projects, this is a super simple app that makes time tracking quick and seamless. Reports are delivered straight to your email and include deep insights into how your business is doing. It will set you back a small price each month, but definitely worth it.

Level up. You can do this. 

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