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Our mission is to see you succeed

Brewed in Brissy to support all sole traders and small businesses

australian made

Made for You

Sole makes accounting for Australian sole traders, freelancers, and small business more user-friendly, more affordable and more manageable.

our focus

We only focus on the Australian accounting and tax landscape to provide the best possible tool for our clients. We want to deliver a service that is fit for purpose and easy to use. We exist to support Australian sole traders. If you have an idea for a feature or partner, drop us a line.
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Our story

Built by accountants. Built for everyone.

it's all about friendship

In 2018, Johann's friend Les found himself frustrated by the not so uncommon challenges many sole trader business owners face when managing their own accounts and tax, including keeping track of mountains of receipts, tirelessly generating invoices and quotes using spreadsheets, tracking and following up missed invoice payments and more. 

Johann saw this as a great opportunity to create the on-the-go financial tools needed to help small businesses across Australia flourish. The first mobile version of Sole was released in February 2021. Since, with some good old fashioned elbow grease and grit, Sole has continued to improve and tailor its app functionality for the benefit of its users. And the journey is only just beginning!

growing in popularity

Sole has been featured in Ausbiz, Ticker TV and more recently, the Chartered Accountants of Australia's Acuity Magazine (April/May 2022 edition).

As an Australian small business itself, you can trust that Sole will always strive to better its product and provide a personal and meaningful customer experience.

Our values and purpose

Our team

See the good, bad and the ugly (you can be the judge of which is which) behind Sole

Adam Lowey


Adam is Sole's risk expert and loves everything compliance.

Some interesting facts you may not have known about Adam:
1. Adam is a third-generation only child with no siblings or cousins.
2. Adam writes with his left hand, throws with his right, kicks with his left, and golfs with his right.
3. Adam's special secret recipe is spicy pumpkin soup.

Johann Oberholzer

Director & Founder

Johann is Sole's Founder and does everything from business strategy to modelling 😈

Here are 3 fun facts you probably didn't know about Johann:
1. Johann is bilingual.
2. Johann made his mountain bike riding debut hurling down the black runs on Mt Wellington - it appears his body is a tree magnet.
3. Johann started his first business when he was just 4 years old, selling fudge to the gullible oldies.

Daniel Stranger

Director & Secretary

Here are 3 fun facts you probably didn't know about Daniel:

  1. Daniel didn't always want to be an accountant, his dream per his high school yearbook was to become a sports commentator.
  2. Daniel spent part of his youth studying on the beaches of La Jolla, California.
  3. Daniel is a fan of the mighty Brisbane Broncos (ABB - always back Broncos).

sole is for you

Trusted by many across australia

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