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Sole App Features

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Stay in control by lifting your financial game today. Look like an expert, make tax time a breeze and make sure you stay in control. Everything under one roof for any Australian sole trader and small business (no matter the industry). Sole’s features are inspired by your business. You can see upcoming features on our Features Roadmap page and can submit ideas about functionality that you would find useful on the Feature Requests page.

I still use spreadsheets
I use another application

Spreadsheets (e.g. Excel)

  • It takes a lot of your time
  • Easy to make mistakes and can look unprofessional
  • Duplicating quotes and invoices is time-consuming
  • Staying compliant can be a pain
  • Making sure you get paid is hard to stay on top of

Make the shift to Sole

  • Send professional quotes & invoices in seconds
  • Connect multiple bank accounts to easily track income & expenses
  • Easily get ready for tax time
  • Simple and fast way to stay on top of everything
  • Cheapest accounting software on the market

Other accounting software

  • Usually designed for larger businesses and accountants
  • Often confusing and packed full of features sole traders and small businesses don’t need
  • Not designed for Australian businesses or taxation system
  • Can be very expensive 
  • Risks becoming just another app on your phone

Make the shift to Sole

  • Designed by Aussies for Australian businesses
  • All the features you need to run your business
  • Built for the Australian taxation system
  • Cheapest accounting software on the market
  • Become part of the Sole community that brings together partners to help you grow your business

Expense responsibly

Stress less. Sole’s got your back. Simply take a photo, add the details and pretend it never happened. Expense responsibly!

Just take a picture of the receipt

  • Capture your receipts within the app
  • Images are securely stored on the cloud

On the move or on the big screen

Access our software anywhere, anytime, and in a format designed to make it easy to master your bookkeeping.

Take a picture of your expense receipt

  • Capture expenses in a breeze to make sure they are captured for the easiest tax time ever
  • Never worry about a shoebox of receipts again – store them safely in the cloud

Swipe to reconcile (yes, it’s that easy)

  • Grabbing a coffee? Reconcile your bank from anywhere
  • Bank grade security through Twilio’s API

Business insights in the palm of your hand

  • Automated key business insights anywhere
  • Make sure you have the right information at hand to make informed decisions

Work flexibly

  • Someone else doing the books at home on a computer? No worries use mobile and computer at the same time.
  • Sometimes size does matter – use your computer for the big tasks and your mobile on the go

Professional & quick invoicing

Throw the manual spreadsheets and reminders out the window! Send unlimited smart invoices and take advantage of limitless finance documents, including scheduled and repeating invoices and customisable documents.

Unlimited professional invoicing

  • Throw the manual spreadsheets and reminders out the window! 
  • Personalise for your business in a few clicks

Smart invoicing

  • Limitless finance documents, including scheduled and repeating invoices
  • Add custom notes to make sure everything is documented in a flash

Get paid

  • Overdue reminders to make sure your clients pay you
  • Easily track when you will be paid to keep your cashflow in the green

Never forget to send an invoice again

  • Send and manage your invoicing on your computer or phone
  • Now you can invoice on site (the quicker you invoice the quicker you get paid)

Personalise your invoices

  • Make your invoice recognisable and professional
  • Never guess about what needs to be on an invoice – click and go

Need more work?

  • Set a reminder to follow up future work opportunities
  • Automate or follow up personally – the choice is yours

Professional invoice templates & reference numbers

  • Specify which fields you want to include on the invoice that are on-brand 
  • You can select your invoice/quote reference numbers (no need to start at INV-00001 when you join Sole – pick up where you left off)
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Invoice & quote reminders

  • Easily track the status of your outstanding invoices
  • Manually send reminders to make sure you get paid

Simple & secure accounting

Link your bank account to Sole and enable a (secure) live bank feed to reconcile your transactions. Do it all in the simplest and Aussie way possible.

Integrate and match your bank transactions

  • Link your bank account to Sole and enable a live bank feed to reconcile your transactions.
  • Sole maintains bank grade encryption to keep you safe.

Simple for you & easy for your accountant

Make BAS and tax time straightforward for you & your accountant – relax and share the relevant data with your accountant (put a stop to the big email chains).

Manage your business performance

  • Easily see how your business is performing by tracking your transactions to ensure you are meeting your financial targets and get paid on time.
  • Plan and smash your goals.

Simple quotes

Tired of messing around with outdated quote templates? Looking for something that is consistent and professional? Use Sole to convert business to revenue with unlimited quotes and business reminders.

Quotes and invoices

  • Sending professional quotes and invoices has never been easier
  • Advanced features to give you a lot of flexibility

Endless quotes and business reminders

  • Tired of messing around with outdated quote templates? Looking for something that is consistent and professional? 
  • Set your own logo on the go

Quote on site

  • Generate quotes on-the-job
  • Need to make any amendments? Swipe and fix – simple as that

Never miss a job

  • Set automated reminders to make sure you can follow up
  • Easy to use and even easier to convert to an invoice

Have a great feature in mind?

Check our Features roadmap first and if you can’t see it there, reach out to us using the form below. We review all requests and publish them on the Feature requests page where you can vote for the features you would like to have.