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Accounting Simplified

Sole is the Australian accounting software designed specifically for sole traders, freelancers, small business and the self-employed. Streamline your accounting and finances with a smart and simple solution
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Sick of spreadsheets and overwhelming technical accounting softwares?

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Ditch the paperwork and simplify your own business set-up with Sole’s all inclusive package.

Sole is the no-nonsense accounting software designed specifically to provide you with the core features that you need to run your small business. Our objective is to streamline Australian self-employed businesses by giving you the tools you need to be successful.

Never worry about accounting journals, debits and credits or complex financial modelling again. Let Sole take the stress out of your bookkeeping.


meet Sole - your new best mate

Sole provides you with all the features your business needs from in one place. As a sole trader or small business, you need a streamlined process to level up your accounting, and to provide you with flexibility as your business grows.

Our software has been built only for Australian businesses, and gives you the easiest way to stay on top of your accounting and financial records. It’s time to get organised.
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Designed only for Australian small businesses and local accounting requirements

Sold at a market leading price - all the features of the big boys with an all inclusive $14.99 price point

Not just an accounting app. Get extra benefits just for being a Sole member with relevant industry partners and deals

packed with features

Everything you need

Discover the features that are designed for your business.

In your pocket or on the big screen

Work from anywhere, anytime, and on the screen you want - it is that simple to master your bookkeeping.

Unlimited professional invoicing

Never count how many invoices you have left to send - from wherever you are working send a personalised invoice in minutes (even less if you are a keyboard warrior).

Quote on the job

Make the sale by sending quotes quickly and from anywhere.

Avoid tax time surprises

Make BAS and tax time straightforward for you & your accountant (did we mention an automated estimator to calculate your end of year tax time outcome at any point during the year?).

Manage clients easily

Misplace the sticky note? Stop stressing and manage your client and supplier details - easy.

Expense responsibly

Stress less. Sole's got your back. Simply take a photo, add the details and pretend it never happened.

sole is for you

Trusted by many across australia

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