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Sole vs. spreadsheets

Save yourself the hassle

Spending hours managing your business in spreadsheets? Spreadsheets are inefficient, takes a lot of time and down right annoying!

Save yourself the hassle

Is it possible to manage your business through spreadsheets and word? In short, yes. Doing so however is time consuming, inconsistent and inefficient. You already have so much to manage - don't make it harder than it needs to be.

Instead of spending hours chasing invoices, creating spreadsheet upon spreadsheet and reconciling this and that - level up and meet your new best friend Sole (for the monthly cost of an 8 minute Uber ride).
  • Are spreadsheets worth the time and money?

      Easy to make mistakes

      By sending invoices manually, it is much easier to make mistakes

      Losing revenue

      It is hard to track which invoices have been paid and which ones you need to chase

      Time is money

      Sending quotes and invoices manually is time consuming

      Shoebox of receipts

      Storing expense receipts manually (for 7 years!) is annoying

      Tax time

      *Shivers* GST & tax time can be a wild ride at the best of times, especially when you are doing it all on your own
  • Why switch to Sole?

      Automated invoices

      Click and swipe your way to sending quotes and invoices in no time at all

      Throw out the shoebox

      Snap photos and store receipts electronically to save time and

      Everything in one place

      Wouldn't it be nice if a Sole app could take all the stress away (pardon the pun)

      Avoid tax time surprises

      *Sends report to accountant* Job done. Keep tax time stress free and stay control of your business.

      Maximise your income

      Sole does all the admin for you with notifications and automated follow ups - never lose a $ again
  • ItemSole AppSpreadsheets
    Cost $14.95/m or $149.95/yFree
    Create and send invoices & quotes in minutes

    Time-consuming and inefficient to duplicate invoices.
    Receive direct debit or credit card payments in minutes

    You'll still be creating the invoice manually.
    Match expenses and store receipts

    Scanning in receipts and invoices and saving into a folder increases likelihood of missing data.
    Notify customers of outstanding invoices

    You manually have to notify clients for every transaction.
    Friendly to use on multiple devices

    Using a spreadsheet on a mobile is very difficult.
    Access to business reports (P&L / Balance Sheet / Transaction Listing) on demand

    Time-consuming and requires constant upkeep.
    Estimate your tax in minutes

    Sole estimates your tax in minutes by answering simple questions, your spreadsheet will need to be sent to your accountant for further review.
    Estimate your BAS (GST) obligations

    Sole provides you with a BAS report, spreadsheets will take longer to decipher.
    Track your precious business assets

    Calculating cost and depreciation correctly requires manual upkeep and constant reviewing.