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Busy drawing, colouring or designing? Why not let Sole take the stress out of doing your books.

Sole has been designed specifically for writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers or any other creatives working for themselves. We have worked with key industry bodies to make sure it is the best client management and accounting application for your business.

Sole is simple, easy to use and portable. Sole gives you the ability to capture expenses (to maximise your tax deductions), invoices (even automatically) or even send all the required information to your bookkeeper or accountant to get your taxes sorted.

We want to work with you and celebrate every success with you. We pride ourselves on supporting Aussie businesses by being the cheapest (and best) product on the market. Sole can help maximise your tax return every year. Sole can help you manage payments, invoicing, tax deductions, client management and much more.

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Just take a picture of the receipt

  • Capture your receipts within the app
  • Images are securely stored on the cloud

Manage your business performance

  • Easily see how your business is performing by tracking your transactions to ensure you are meeting your financial targets and get paid on time.
  • Plan and smash your goals.

Get paid

  • Overdue reminders to make sure your clients pay you
  • Easily track when you will be paid to keep your cashflow in the green

Smart invoicing

  • Limitless finance documents, including scheduled and repeating invoices
  • Add custom notes to make sure everything is documented in a flash

Work flexibly

  • Someone else doing the books at home on a computer? No worries use mobile and computer at the same time.
  • Sometimes size does matter – use your computer for the big tasks and your mobile on the go

I love how easy the invoices and quotes are from within the app – and they look good too. The biggest life saver for me is the expense tracking – quick & easy upload. I’m sure Tax time this year is going to be way easier than the usual scramble.

Have been using Sole App for a few months now as a freelance creative. Absolutely love it – so simple to use, has everything I need and keeps me on track for my invoices, expenses and income.

Game changer!

I just wanted to let you know that SOLE has changed the way I go about my bookkeeping. I used to use a free app that is now discontinued in Australia and I found SOLE met my needs. I was able to raise invoices easily, connect a bank account and match my expenses. Thank you SOLE.

Built in tax estimator is such a cool addition. Love the new version

Start your free trial today

Want to see what all the hype is about? Try Sole for free (no credit card needed) and see why we are the preferred choice for any creative working as a sole entrepreneur.

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Exclusive partnership with Australia's best accountants for sole traders

Sole has teamed up with Accountants Direct to provide a market leading offer to help you manage your finances and achieve sustainable growth

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Sole is the Australian accounting software designed specifically for sole traders, freelancers, small business and the self-employed. Streamline your accounting and finances with a smart and simple solution

Use Sole on your phone or on the web, all for one low monthly fee. Sole’s simple pricing model has all features included with 30 days for free. Subscription is $14.99 a month, or save extra with an annual subscription.

Sole is supported by a catalog of learning resources to help you get the most out of your subscription. Sole’s bootcamp is the ultimate quick-start guide for new users, by helping you to become a Sole expert in less than 10 minutes. Sole’s support page has a library of articles and video content to help you grow, and you can even book a help session with our team.

Sole has no lock in contracts or commitments. You can easily cancel your account via the Apple and Android app stores, or via our online support if signing up through our web app. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account at any time.

Is it possible to manage your business through spreadsheets and word? In short, yes. Doing so however is time consuming, inconsistent and inefficient. You already have so much to manage – don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Instead of spending hours chasing invoices, creating spreadsheet upon spreadsheet and reconciling this and that – level up and meet your new best friend Sole (for the monthly cost of an 8 minute Uber ride).