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Embrace Single Touch Payroll with ClockOn

Published On
11 February 2023
HR & Payroll

Sole is excited to announce a new partnership with ClockOn, a Single Touch Payroll (STP) software. STP is a government initiative to streamline business reporting obligations. To ensure compliance with ongoing reporting obligations, employers must send employees’ wage, tax and super information to the ATO each pay cycle.

What is ClockOn

ClockOn was one of the first of its kind to become ATO certified and is the only Australian Payroll and STP software offering a free system for up to 20 employees. They are now STP Phase 2 compliant and have extended their free offering to multi-ABN holders, bookkeepers and accountants. ClockOn is a popular choice for accountants and bookkeepers, offering web software that can report STP for more than one entity at a time. If you’re reporting STP data for multiple businesses, you will be able to access the platform with a single sign-on, and inside you will find a dropdown list showing all of your clients. You can simply select the relevant entity you wish to work on, and repeat the same process for other clients.

Why choose ClockOn?

Have you got employees on your payroll? Consider using ClockOn to handle all of your needs – from basic payroll through to a streamlined Super and STP reporting process. By embracing ClockOn’s payroll solutions, business owners can:

Reduce the Risk of Error 

As a business owner, you’ll be aware of just how costly payroll errors can be, and not to mention also time-consuming to fix, stressful and straight-up complicated. From calculating and withholding taxes, to helping with end-of-year filings, ClockOn’s STP software will help you avoid pesky payroll errors.

Simplify your EOFY

Offering instant messaging via a mobile app, rostering templates, attendance alerts, reliable biometric scanning capability, 200+ flexible reports, and much more, ClockOn will ensure that you meet your end-of-year reporting obligations in the most simple and stress-free way possible.

Go Automated and Save Precious Time

Instead of spending an hour and a half sorting through labour codes and performing other manual adjustments, ClockOn will automate the work you are currently doing yourself (or even worse, paying someone else to do) and save significant amounts of time (and money too!). For example, ClockOn can help you fill out new hire forms, calculate and file payroll taxes and pay employees on time.

Why Sole has partnered with ClockOn

Combining payroll compliance, third-party integration and diverse reporting, ClockOn is an effective and affordable way for sole traders and small businesses to stay on top of their payroll and remain ATO compliant all year round. In addition to administrative software, ClockOn provides access to an easy-to-use mobile app, which facilitates key ongoing business processes like rostering, tracking of attendance and hours worked, issuing of payslips and more! Aiming to make ‘workforce management easy’ through 1. scheduling, 2. tracking and 3. paying, no Sole customer will regret signing up with ClockOn.

For more information on our new partnership, visit our co-branded page here.

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