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Meet Your Sole Mate – Sole Accounting App for Sole Traders

Published On
9 March 2020
About Sole

If the accounting side of sole trading has you in a panic – don’t worry. Sole App is here to help.

Sole Accounting App is an Australian accounting app for sole traders, freelancers and the one-man bands. If you’re out there slugging it on your own, Sole  App is for you.

Designed purely for sole traders, freelancers and the self-employed – like yourself – Sole has all the features you need, and only what you need. It’s lean, simple, and easy to use, giving you the ability to send invoices, quotes, track your expenses, set goals, match your books, and more, all from the app. We’re confident that the more you learn about Sole App, the more you’ll love it.

Sole App was born when founder Johann Oberholzer, a chartered accountant, met a struggling freelancer who poured out his heart – and a shoebox of old receipts. Hence, another, easier way to manage accounting and finances for Sole Traders was born. Johann wanted to help Australian small business owners and freelancers who find it difficult to organise their finances and manage their books. Sole App offers a simple solution where users can manage it all with a click or a swipe – all on the go, in-app – from the palm of your hand.

You wear enough hats – marketing, sales, operations, a fedora – why bear the burden of wearing an accounting hat as well? Check out the full range of Sole App freelancer accounting features to see all the features designed to make accounting for freelancers and sole traders easy, fast and totally manageable, and to learn more about the story of how Sole App was born.

Available for download on the Google Play store: Sole – Invoicing & Accounting Made Easy and on the App Store: SOLE – Accounting Made Easy,  Sole App is the sole trader accounting app that will keep you on top of your game and maybe even a little bit excited come tax time.

Check in on our Sole Trader, Accounting & Business Blog for updates and info on sole trader, accounting and business stuff like tax and budgeting – as well as tips and tricks like how to stay motivated.

You can even catch us on the Instagram at @sole.app – less filter, more fun.

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