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Sole’s business guide: helping you stay on top of everything business-related

Published On
4 April 2024
Business tips & insights
Sole Guide

Introducing Sole’s comprehensive guide, designed to support both seasoned entrepreneurs and new business owners keep on top of their business management and finances. We understand the practical challenges of business management, which is why our guide is tailored to provide you with the necessary support, resources, and reminders to keep you on track.

Our guide serves as a practical resource for entrepreneurs. The digital version has interactive links and elements that make navigating the guide an engaging experience.

Use the guide to:

  1. Help set up your Sole account and store your details for easy accessibility.
  2. Learn about financial processes, accounting terminology, and acronyms to help you navigate new business-related complexities with ease.
  3. Stay organised and track deadlines.
  4. Design Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T) goals, using the ‘general concepts’ outlined in the guide.
  5. Track your habits and progress to ensure you achieve your personalised business and/or individual goals.

Furthermore, this guide includes well-being resources and strategies, as we believe that to achieve success in the world of business and finances, you require a balanced work/life and growth mindset. Read through and complete our well-being checklist monthly to facilitate opportunities for personal reflection and growth.

We look forward to working closely with you and helping your business reach new heights.

You can download the guide below to use virtually (any PDF editor will work) or print in any size if you prefer.

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