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28 June 2022

Sole App on FITREC Weekly Q&A

Had a great Q&A session with Luis and Dennis from FITREC on their YouTube channel. Really enjoyed being on the chat and being able to talk about Sole App and the journey we have been on.

Here is the YouTube video:

Who is FITREC? FITREC is a movement to improve the fitness industry by developing professional profiles that include all learning, experience, references and achievements.

They are committed to retaining experience and knowledge in their industry by removing points accrual systems (eg. CEC/PDP) and better identifying and recognising industry leaders.

Proof that FITREC leads the way in registration can be found in the changes made by other services to follow suit. You can find more information about FITREC here.

Thank you FITREC for the opportunity and looking forward to doing this again!

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