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The fitness professional start-up guide

Published On
7 June 2022
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You’ve done the thinking and now it’s time to go for it by becoming a Fitness Professional (e.g. personal trainer). Back yourself! There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your motivation for health and wellbeing turn into a financial success. So where to start?In this guide, we provide a quick start reference to help you get off the ground.
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    get motivated

    Why become a Fitness Professional?

    Find your motivation to kick-start your career in fitness:
    • You’ll be making a difference to your clients, helping them improve
      their health
    • Being a personal trainer can offer independence and flexibility.
    • The fitness industry is booming, with Australians more aware of their
      health than ever.
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    know the challenges

    Consider what it’s going to take to succeed and get ready.
    • Be prepared to work around your client’s schedules
    • Creating an established client base will take time.
    • Retaining clients can be hard – it is important to stay up to date
      with the latest trends.


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    get qualified

    In Australia, to become a Personal Trainer, you’ll need to hold at least a Certificate IV in Fitness. A Certificate III in Fitness is the minimum qualification required to work as a qualified Gym Instructor. You also may need an Australian Business Number (ABN), check out the links below to understand your requirements.
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    register with an industry body

    Stay up to date and ensure that industry standards are maintained.

    Look to maintain continuous improvement in your career as a Fitness Professional and continue to expand your skills to meet changes in demand. Check out FITREC for your fitness industry registration.

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    create and manage your budget

    Forecast for your business and track your cash flows

    Use a tool like Sole to track and manage your finances. By having an on-the-go accounting solution means that you can send out invoices after each session, schedule invoices (so you don’t forget) and get paid instantly through a secure e-wallet. Remember to consider professional financial advice that is tailored to your business.
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    understand laws and regulations

    Australian business laws can be complex and are strict in order to protect consumers. Check out the following guidance:
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    manage your risks

    Insurance that is tailored for Fitness Professionals may be important to consider to protect you against claims of professional negligence and third-party injury that may occur.
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    get ready for tax time

    You may not have an employer who will automatically take your tax out of your weekly paycheck – you will be responsible for managing it. Speak to a tax professional to help you identify if any of your expenses are tax deductible (you will need your receipts!).
    • Use Sole’s Tax Estimator to forecast your tax payments throughout the year.
    • You may not be required to pay yourself any super, but do some research to see what works for you.
    • Make sure that you are putting aside sufficient cash in order to make payments before the end of the year.

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    Super for sole traders and partnerships

    communicate business plan

    generate business

    • Set up a website for your business.
    • Build a strong social media presence.
    • Impress your clients and look for referrals.
    • Time management is key and remember to build in some ‘admin’ time.

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    Maximise your exposure

    Skyrocket your visibility, unlock success, connect with your ideal clients.

    Find a supportive community for fitness professionals, that empowers personal trainers to thrive in their careers.


    Rate My Trainer is one such community and it’s free for all PT’t to join.

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    maintain your fitness

    As a Fitness Professional, your business starts and ends with your ability to inspire confidence and change in your client’s health. Your personal fitness is your business card. In order to keep clients coming back, it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle, and stay fit enough to support your clients in a variety of exercises.

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Keen to get started?

Why don't yoy try Sole for free today and see hopw it can help kick start the process for you!
Disclaimer: All information above is general in nature, and doesn't take any specific considerations about your business into account. Consult with professional business advisors and legel professionals when considering your needs.

You can download a pdf version of this guide here.

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