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Create an invoice

An invoice is a critical commercial document, which acts as a record of a purchase between your business and a customer. This document is created with an ‘invoice date’ that records the relevant date of the product or service, and is issued with payment terms for a certain time period in which your customer will pay you for the goods or services that you’ve provided.

As a document of record, an invoice provides your clients with details of their purchase including the product/service provided, the price, quantity and GST associated with the transaction.

In Sole, users have the ability to prepare and send unlimited invoices to their customers. An invoice prepared using Sole can be:

  • Issued as standard, with an invoice date and payment due date;
  • Scheduled and sent at a future date;
  • Flagged with a reminder for additional services in the future, either to your client or to yourself;
  • Sent on a recurring / repeating basis if a product or service is provided on multiple occasions; and
  • Prepared inclusive or exclusive of GST.

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